Monday, March 14, 2011

Limpnickie Lot Fork Swap

Roadside Marty from Flat Broke Customs in Pensacola, Florida, swapped the Sportster forks on his Purple Haze pan to entertain the crowd at last week's Limpnickie Lot Bike Show in Daytona Beach.

When he and Tim from Papa Clutch Customs were finished with the 60-minute project, Purple Haze was rocking a brand-new Acme Wishbone Springer.

Tim from Papa Clutch Customs lends a hand

Thanks to Chris Callen at Cycle Source magazine for setting up the program, and to Marty, Tim and our friend McGoo at ChopCult for entertaining the audience at the Limpnickie Bike Show.

The project begins

Buttoning down some details

Chris Callen and friends take the finished project off the stage

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  1. COOL..I gotta get one of those for a chopper class ironhead we are building..Flyrite gave us the were searching for a front end..hit me up if you can get us a deal on one.